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EdArchive is a collection of Stanford Graduate School of Education Master’s student projects, papers and portfolios in LDT (Learning, Design and Technology), POLS (The Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies) and ICE (International and Comparative Education) Programs.


The MA papers listed here were completed by students who graduated from the ICE/IEPA MA program since the 1995-96 academic year. It provides a sense of the very interesting and challenging projects students are able to accomplish in just one year's time. Hard copies of all MA papers may be found in Cubberley Education Library. Stanford-affiliates may login with your SUNet ID and password to view the online papers.

LDT Master's Projects

The Master's Project is an opportunity for LDT students to further develop and apply their learning. Through a learner-centered design process, students identify learning problems and apply appropriate theories about learning to create educationally informed and empirically grounded learning environments, products, and programs that effectively employ emergent technologies in variety of settings.

Robiotics: Empowering future generations to forge STEM identities

Programming jobs are everywhere, but a leaky pipeline deters many from entering the workforce. Cultural norms lead many kids to view programming as boring, too technical, and ultimately not for them. Many lose interest early on, failing to recognize their programming potential. Robiotics is a...

Wolfgang: Season your life with music

Living in a world filled with music, humans have naturally developed implicit knowledge about music. Without us realizing how it works, the tension and resolution in our favorite songs elicit an array of emotions that move us. Unfortunately, middle school students often don’t realize how much...

Sketch & Learn: Transform your notetaking experience. Make learning fun and visible.

Notetaking is an important practice for transforming information into knowledge. Visual notetaking, also known as “sketchnoting," is an engaging strategy to improve memory and understanding. Sketch and Learn is a web-based adventure game that engages learners in playful sketching quests that...