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Cultural Assimilation or Cultural Rights for Immigrant Women? An Analysis of Current Education Policies and Programs in South Korea
Seongyeon Bae

Globally-Minded Education: A Comparison of Textbooks from Canada and the United States, 1850-2012
Alyssa Belcher

The Effect of Women's Social Autonomy on School Dropouts in India
Ashutosh Bhuradia

The Effect of Teacher Looping on Student Achievement in Primary School: Evidence from China
Yazhuo Chen

An Estimate of the Heterogeneous Effects of School Decentralization in Brazil through a Difference-in-Differences Analysis
Pedro Gomes Dantas

Exploring the Academic Help-seeking Behavior of Chinese Graduate Students at an Elite American University
Xiaoyu Feng

Teacher Professional Development for Early Grade Literacy: Results from a Randomized Control Trial in Rwanda
Catherine Galloway

Early Childhood Education in China: The Effects on Schooling, Cognition, and Psychological Well-Being on Children Aged 10 to 19
Qian Ju

Disrupting "Normal": Asian-American Student Experiences with a Culturally Responsive Curriculum in San Francisco
Payal Uday Kapadia

Education, Security and Youth Policy Responses to Gang Violence in Central America’s Northern Triangle
Caitlin Doreen Kent